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5 stars glider, 5 stars landscape, 5 stars experience, even if it is your first glide!

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Bauges and 2 lakes

  • Approx. 1 hour flight time.
  • Climb up to 2800m towards Albertville.
  • Glide over the Lake of Annecy, and along the lake of Bourget.
  • Use of updrafts depending on the conditions.


Mont - Blanc

  • Approx. 2 hour flight time
  • Climb up to 5000m. The crew on supplementary oxygen.
  • Engine cutoff and beginning of the glide. Slope soaring or wave soaring possible depending on the conditions.
  • Trip back above the Aravis mountains, the lake of Annecy, and along the lake of Bourget and the Bauges mountains.
  • Unique in the world !


Custom rides

Want to go to Matterhorn? Push a little further to Aletsch Glacier since we are already at Matterhorn? Venice? Corsica?

Want to offer a surprise gift to somebody?

Please contact, (nearly) everything is possible.

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