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Thermal centering

on the ground:

How to feel a thermal without the instruments, how to decode the feeling, when to re-center, by how much.

in the air:

Turning before the vario giving any indication, not turning despite the vario screaming, flying without instruments (except for the Flarm and the radio)

Slope soaring

on the ground:

Trajectories for exploiting classic slopes.

Real-time wind reading techniques.

Anti-stall flying technique.

Thinking the trajectory for times when the danger does not come from stalling.

in the air:

Demonstration of escape maneuvers

Choice of trajectories.


Wave flying

on the ground:

Classic wave flying theory and exploitation techniques.

Basic models to know.

Introduction to 3D phenomenons that can play a role for the glider pilot, at high altitude as well as close to the ground.

More exotic wavy phenomenons.

in the air:

Demonstration of the classic techniques.

Real-time explanations and vocalization of the decisions.



on the ground:

Theory of the different kinds of convergences.

How to recognize one.

How to find one.

How to exploit.

in the air:

Demonstration of exploitation techniques.

Vocalization of observation and decisions.

Explanations and coaching.

Mountain soaring

Managing mountain soaring, regarding performance and safety.

Gliding in unknown terrain and staying aloft.

Flying with flaps

Aerodynamic principles to know regarding the use of flaps.

Practical use, exceptions, reflexes to build.

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